Antimicrobial preoperative chlorhexidine wash kits

Intact & healthy skin is a key element to reduce the risk of transmission of pathogenic organisms and the risk of occupational-related skin disease.

Esonex Shower Bath Kit is a new range of products dedicated to pre-surgery chlorhexidine bathing procedures and developed by Nex Medical for hospitals to reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

Advanced formulations tested against MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

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Skin cleansing & disinfection. Pre-operative antiseptic shower/bath and whole body
Bathing with CHG has been shown to reduce bacteria levels, which can help prevent
surgical site infections from occurring and thus help reduce surgical complications.
CHG also has excellent antiseptic properties and has been proven to be superior to
other preparation products for bacterial decolonization.


Mild, effective CHG cleansing formulations effective against gram-positive
and gram-negative bacteria
Substantial persistent activity, resulting in significantly reduced bacterial
counts for several hours
Big, soft and confortable sponges for easy and effective washing
The kit is enough for two showers or baths
Two showers or baths are necessary to achieve maximum antiseptic effectiveness


Apply the product directly on the skin, massaging the whole area thanks to the soft and gentle sponges. Rinse with water. Read instruction leaflet carefully.


Master carton 42 units.