13 February 2014


Nex Medical is launching the new CLOREX2% RED™ – Chlorhexidine 2% based antiseptic solution – for healthcare business.
Nex Medical’s CLOREX2% RED™ offers three major advantages to customers:
1. Maximum efficacy and better stability vs. current competitors
2. Innovative tinted (intense red) formulation with easy activation system
3. The CLOREX2% RED™ formulation may be used in different applications, from skin disinfection to pre-operative skin preparation.

With the launch of this new antiseptic solution, we can offer our customers a more complete range of products as well as innovative improvements to fight against Healthcare-acquired infections, said Silvio Daneluzzi, Managing Director of Nex Medical. The new antiseptic solution belongs to the innovative & advanced range of products dedicated to prep-procedures.
The new product will be introduced in a selected number of European and extraEuropean countries. The product will be distributed through the highly professional Nex Medical distribution network.

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