26 June 2012

1-Nex medical provides

Nex Medical Antiseptics provides high quality and innovative antiseptics, disinfectants and skin care products.

We at Nex have a strong commitment in research & development of innovative and rational solutions for skin disinfection & care.

We care, infections beware!

25 June 2012

2-Infection prevention

Infection prevention is the key target

A systematic approach to scrub procedures together with effective scrub products are the key elements in the strategy of infection prevention in OR.

We care, infections beware!

24 June 2012

3-Nosocomial infections

Nosocomial infections are a significant problem throughout the world and are increasing.

Preventing infections is our focus on research & development.

We care, infections beware!

23 June 2012

4-Medico paziente

Prevention of healthcare-associated infections

We care, infections beware!