Wound healing treatment

New & advanced medical devices dedicated to wounds, abrasions, minor burns, skin cuts, bedsores etc.

  • Avdanced formulation with ionic silver
  • Easy to use spray bottles
  • Formulations enriched with aloe-vera extracts

Powder Spray
argoNEX Powder Spray is an absorbent mineral powder with 3% ionic silver.Its use on wounds, abrasions, minor burns, skin cuts, bed sores etc. allows the control of exudates by creating a clean and moist environment that facilitates the natural healing process, keeping the area protected from the proliferation of exogenous microbial growth.
NEXwater+NEXwater+ is a sterile isotonic solution in spray bottle. With aloe vera.For first aid wounds cleansing.
It can be used in medications of skin wounds.
The product allows a complete cleansing of the damaged skin and the surrounding area.

Available in 50mL & 125mL spray bottle.