Mild soaps for hands & lotions

Intact & healthy skin is a key element to reduce the risk of transmission of pathogenic organisms and the risk of occupational-related skin disease.
From the latest development activities at Nex Medical Laboratory , a new & innovative range of mild wash lotions for the cleansing and care of stressed skin.

  • Advanced formulations enriched in moistourizing substances
  • Colourant-free formulations
  • Specific mild wash lotions for stressed skin
NEX SOFT SOAPEsonex soft SOAP is a color free, mild liquid soap for hand and skin cleansing with neutral pH. Gentle to the skin with a fresh scent. Thanks to its special composition, it cannot be contaminated during use.
PH value of 5,5, dermatologically tested.
For hand washing of health care professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, maternity clinics, rehabilitation units etc.
Showering and bathing of patients.
NEX dermo SOAPdermoNEX SOAP is a dermo-hygienic soap suitable for sensitive and highly stressed skins. Enriched in moisturizing agents.
pH value of 5,5, dermatologically tested.
Handwashing, washing of the whole body. Particularly indicated for showering and shampooing.
NEX hydra-emulsion NEX hydra-emulsion is a colour free highly moisturizing dermo-hygienic liquid soap. Particularly indicated for very sensitive skins, with moisturizing and nurturing agents.
pH value of 5,5, dermatologically tested.
Particularly suitable for stressed skins, patients and personnel skin care.

Available in 500ml and 1000ml bottles.