We are dedicated to the delivery of high quality products in the disinfection business.
Our practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that meet the expectations of our customers.
We have a great passion for Quality in everything we do.

NEX MEDICAL Production Plant (Casorezzo – Milan) follows strict policies and procedures for the production management system and quality control on raw materials, packaging and finished products. Our strict attention to hygiene and well-trained workforce in combination with modern technologies guarantee the consistent high quality of our finished products.
The manufacturing facility is equipped with innovative machinery and control equipments.
The production processes are regularly upgraded in order to guarantee the highest levels of Quality and Safety.


The production plant is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health (Decree # PMC 26/2011 Off.299) for the manufacturing and packing of “Presidi Medico Chirurgici”(Disinfectants/Antiseptics).

All the products are manufactured under the most strictly controlled conditions according to approved ISO 9001 standards.
The Quality System is certified ISO 9001:2008 (ISO Certification # 7606-A) and ISO 13485:2012.

Nex Medical is registered with US Food and Drug Administration (US FY 2014, pursuant to part 207 Title 21).


We create user friendly products by combining modern technologies, the finest ingredients and non-allergenic raw materials. Nex Medical is committed to ensuring that all products meet the highest level of safety. We constantly train our personnel in safety procedures and responsible practices.


Our manufacturing processes and procedures are optimized in order to minimize the environmental impact. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. Our commitment to the environmental awareness and preservation is reflected throughout our business.